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Founded in 1989
Chicago, Illinois
Member of the Chicago Better Business Bureau

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What Drives Our Company?

Company Motto

"One Client
at a Time"

   Vision Statement

   To attain financial resources for individuals and families that will help them meet their needs
   and thus improve the quality of their lives.

   Company Values


   Our company’s approach allows us to maintain the human touch in our communications
   and dealings with each client.

  • Integrity, honesty
  • Personal, direct responsiveness to client needs
  • Dedication, commitment toward providing the best customer service possible
  • Motivation toward attaining goals
  • Competency, expertise, experience

   Company Policies & Practices

   Our company abides by the following policies and practices:

  • Treat each client with full confidentiality
  • Provide outstanding customer service with timely responsiveness to each client
  • Treat each client with respect and trust
  • Work expeditiously and dedicatedly on each client’s case
  • Honor contractual obligations

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