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Testimonials from Our Clients

"The amount of misinformation about [asset] recovery can be over-whelming.  However, I am a satisfied customer and at all points during the process, Capital Recovery dealt with me in a professional and honest manner. If you get a call from them, at least listen. Job well done!"
-- Keith K.
    DesMoines, Iowa

"There are so many scams out there, it was refreshing to work with a company that actually delivers on what it promises. Thank you!"
-- Charlie K.
    St. Louis, Missouri

"I couldn't believe it. I actually was a beneficiary. In a million years, I would of never known about these funds without your services. Thanks guys!"
-- Cynthia L.
    Sioux City, Iowa

"Just calling to say thank you. Thanks for being a good man. God bless you."
 -- Barbara K. School Principal
     Portland, Oregon

"I'm 74 years old and raising my grand kids, who are 3 and 5 years old. I'm putting this money in a college fund for these two little angels and, at my age, it gives me a little peace of mind. God bless you."
 -- Emily G. Grandmother
     Little Rock, Arkansas

"To say the least, I was skeptical when Capital Recovery initially approached me.  I couldn't understand how I, an attorney, could possibly have assets of which I was beneficiary which I wasn't aware of. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks!"
-- Richard S. Attorney
    Boston, Massachusetts

"Now I can help my family out. They live in Colombia and could use the money.  Thank you."
-- Juan V.
    Los Angeles, California

“I am someone who’s pretty far off the grid. It’s a testament to Capital Recovery’s persistence and tenacity that they even found me. Great job, guys, and thank you.”   
-- Michael K.
    Anchorage, Alaska

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